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June 30, 2020 3 min read

Everything sucks ... if that is how you choose to feel about it!

An article from our friends at Borden Communications.

It seems as though our problems (individually and collectively) all come from our inability to think and act rationally, with consistency. Everything is a choice ... it is our decision how we choose to face our days, even when we choose to believe that everything sucks.
If we take the time to think about it (thinking is really awesome!), we would realize that, for the most part, we live on autopilot. We all have our own routines and habits, traditions and conditioning that carry us through our days/weeks/lives. This means that we don’t have to actually think about our regimented activities like brushing our teeth every morning or getting to our Thursday morning yoga class ... we just do it.   
And ... herein lies a big issue ... when we are on autopilot, we are somewhat (or entirely) disconnected from what we are doing, disconnected from the "why" of what we are doing, and disconnected from how we really feel about it. We often simply carry on the way it's always been done, even when it's not serving us or others to the fullest because it feels "easier" and we might even believe that this is how we're supposed to do it. We aren't consciously deciding, we are just doing. So things can seem sucky, until you realize that you can choose otherwise!
When we are more connected to everything we are doing, we make better decisions for ourselves, we tend to be more grateful, we feel happier, and we might even be kinder (seriously)! Have you noticed that you consistently feel terrible after interacting with a specific person? It doesn't have to continue to suck ... you can change your perspective, or if you feel that they might not be a positive influence in your life you can decide to remove that connection ... this can be challenging, but once you recognize that it results in profound and positive change, you will feel empowered! Another example... imagine thinking about where every ingredient came from on your plate and how it makes you feel... take a moment to be grateful before digging in. I guarantee that will significantly change the way you shop, cook, nourish yourself and your family and friends.

We know, being honest with ourselves and with others is hard. From the time we are born, we are bombarded with messages on how we should behave, look, and feel. We are taught what to think, believe, and value. We are conditioned to accept and live by society’s terms rather than connecting to our true selves. We alter our lives to fit the narrative of how we are “supposed” to live… but we have the opportunity to filter... we do not have to simply be a sponge. 

I read this on twitter and loved it:

"When a photographer can't change a scene, they change their angle and lens to capture the best of that scene. Similarly, when you can't change a situation in your life, change your perspective to get the best out of that situation. Try to be a filter, not a sponge. ~ @crazypolymath

Perspective is everything. We are always only one decision away from enjoying our lives. All it takes is a change of perspective. So, rather than soaking up and being weighed down by each crisis, obstacle, and news headline, let us pause, find focus and clarity, and consider how the information presented is meaningful, how our choices will impact us, and what steps forward we can each take to be a part of a solution to things not sucking.  

Even as everyone is reopening and getting “back to it”, we know there’s no going back ... we are moving forward and learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Everything we thought we knew to be “true" has changed... unearthed, and overturned. Now is the time to get connected. 
What are you learning? What are you unlearning?
Listen. Think. Care. Don’t unknow. Do. Do. Do. And do with love and gratitude

Enjoy a few links about things that don't suck, or at least don't need to suck. As always, it's your choice.
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