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Toronto's Premier Sonos Speaker Troubleshooting and Installation Experts - Signa Computer Systems Canada

Discover the unmatched experience of streaming with Sonos! This high-quality wireless speaker system offers perfect sound, whether in-wall, bookshelf, portable, or TV sound bars. At Signa, we're not just users; we're Sonos troubleshooting experts. Stream your favorite music easily from your phone, Mac, or PC. Need help setting up or troubleshooting Sonos? Contact us at Signa. Please note: minimum hourly charges apply depending on the complexity and your distance from us. For instance, a simple Sonos speaker would have a one-hour minimum charge if you're within 5km of us. However, multiple Sonos amps across three floors would require a minimum two- or three-hour consultation to assess and quote a network repair and often an upgrade.