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Our Expertise

At our company, we specialize in providing high-performance CAD Workstations tailored specifically for Architects, Engineers, and Designers. We also offer a range of PCs designed for Home/Office use, including configurations optimized for tasks such as Video Editing, CAD Design, VFX (Visual Effects), GPU Rendering, Deep Learning, and other Scientific applications. Additionally, we cater to gaming enthusiasts by providing a selection of higher-end gaming PCs.

Our Service

We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Whether you need assistance on-site (In-Home/Office) for Mac and PC-related issues or require remote service and support, we are available to help most days, evenings, weekends, and even on select holidays. We offer flexible consulting services, including phone consultations, video chats, or in-person meetings at your residence or place of business. Currently, we are providing very limited repairs and upgrades. Send us an email or give us a call and we'll do our best to meet your specific needs.

How We Work

We charge $199 per hour on-site. For whole home wifi systems and network termination, we always need to consult and create a plan that works for you. We don't do flat rates for jobs like that, because each one is unique. We don't do jobs that involve broken screens, keyboard replacements, battery replacements, hinges or DC jack replacements. We also don't assemble parts that you bought online or provide. We don't sell parts seperately, we sell complete PCs. We don't purchase used or refurbished equipment.

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