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High Performance
Gaming Systems


We offer the best choice of gaming computers in Toronto Ontario Canada. Designed for a high performance, clean appearance, efficient airflow & quiet operation, our computer systems offer the fastest, most reliable leading-edge technology to date.

  • Bringing you the top brands you demand for your Ultimate Rig.
  • All the hot next-gen leading-edge hardware for maximum performance.
  • Pre-built, or slightly tweaked - your choice!
  • Fast build-times, & fully burn-in tested.
  • Shipping to many parts of Canada.


Every computer here can be customized to meet your performance requirements and budget. 
Please note:  The GTX 1080 has been replaced by the RTX 2070.  The GTX 1080 Ti has been replaced by the RTX 2080.  The RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Is available in limited quantities and is in a performance league of its own. 
Still offering the Intel i7-8700 as a strong contender in the gaming market, AMD offerings also available as well and are very strong competition in the gaming market. Ask us anything! we are happy to help.