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Signa Entry 4K/6K Video Editing PC - Intel 13th Gen i5-13600KF, i7-13700KF CPUs, GTX 1650-RTX 3060 Ti Graphics, 1TB Storage

Are you looking for a more powerful PC configuration? Below is our Signa Red Premier/Pro Workstation. It is considered 'one step up' in power from our Entry HD 4k/6k Workstation.

Signa 4k/8k Red Premiere Video Editing PC - High end Intel 13th/12th Gen CPUs, 3070-4090 Graphics

Signa Entry HD 4K UHD 6K Video Editing PC For Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve
  • New, Powerful Intel i5-13600KF 14C/20T Up to 5.1GHz | i7 13700KF 16C/22T Up to 5.4GHz Processor
  • ASUS Prime B660M-A DDR4 Motherboard
  • Kingston/Corsair 16GB / 32GB 3600MHz Memory
  • Western Digital 1TB NVMe PCIe Up to 2400MB/s SSD Solid State Drive
    (Choose from many primary drive upgrades & secondary drives in options)
  • Powerful Graphics Options From Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB to RTX 3060 12GB (Ti Upgrade available) 
  • Thermaltake Versa H17 Micro ATX Chassis (Small Form Factor)
  • 500W EVGA/Corsair Power Supply
  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 Pro (choose from options)
  • Linux Available, please specify distro

 SKU: 45388

Signa Entry HD 4K/6K Video Editing PC