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Please Note : Calling by phone will connect you with a single person during business hours. However, e-mailing at any time of day or night connects you with our whole team simultaneously. There's a chance we may still be occupied when your email arrives, but you increase your odds of getting quicker service when you email because you're reaching all of us at once.

*Visits by appointment only. Use the form below or email us at help@signa.com to book an appointment.

*Please read this before contacting us.

Signa sells complete computers to home and business users, and provides a wide variety of on-site and in-store tech services.

Please do not contact us if you need something on this list and please do not contact us if you are offering marketing services or soliciting.

    We DO NOT

  • We do not assemble parts you bought online or provide.
  • We do not sell parts separately. We sell complete PCs.
  • We do not purchase used or refurbished equipment.
  • We do not do personal financing. We have other financing options.
  • We do not fix phones, screens and hinges.
  • We do not do flat rates for in-home networking jobs. Each job requires a consultation and a plan.

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Please use this form if you are interested in purchasing a PC or service from us.

*Please do not use this form to market your services or to send solicitations of any kind, we will not reply. These messages will be reported to blacklists.