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January 23, 2020 2 min read

Toronto’s Best Laptop For Home And Office

Worldwide, sales of laptops have totally eclipsed desktops for more than a DECADE. In 2018, desktop sales totalled 94 million units compared to a whopping 162 million laptops 😱

But what really makes laptops so much better for home than desktops? For one, it really depends on your needs and wants but let’s break it down to just a few points…

  1. Portability 🚶🏻 This one’s a no brainer. The ability to take your laptop short distances like from the couch to the bedroom, or even long distances like from home to the office is one of the biggest pros of owning a notebook. 
  1. Power 💪🏻 Laptops use a lot less power than their desktop counterparts; their smaller parts mean less electricity is needed to make them work. Laptops also have a battery which can save you from losing work during unexpected power fluctuations and outages.
  1. Finished product ☑️ Laptops already have everything you need, already built in! It has everything such as its own keyboard, built-in mouse (touchpad), built-in speakers, built-in microphone, many laptops have a built-in camera, and even there are options with 2 built-in cameras on both sides of the laptop cover.

At Signa, We carry the latest and best home laptops in Toronto at competitive prices. Our stock includes laptop and notebook computers from the leading brands, hp laptops, Lenovo laptops and more 🌟

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