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January 22, 2020 2 min read

Bought Your Dream TV But Don’t Know Where To Install It? We Can Help

Did you know that 99% of Canada has at LEAST one TV in their home?

Even with online streaming blowing up over these last few years, TV’s still remain household staples for homes across North America. So when you finally get that TV of your dreams… it’s kinda a big deal 💃🏻

But the real question is, once you have your shiny new TV where the heck do you put it? Well that’s where we come in!

A wall-mounted TV is a fantastic addition to any room and a great way to make the most out of your space. You just need to make sure the mount is sturdy, because you don’t want to be worrying about stability when you’re trying to enjoy your favourite shows.

We’ll make sure your expensive electronics are installed safely and securely before you turn them on. 

Here’s our process ➡️

1️⃣  Transporting your TV: if you’re living in the Greater Toronto area, we have the vehicles to get your new TV from the store to your front door. We can also do the heavy lifting and bring your TV inside when we arrive.

2️⃣  Installing your TV: From the bedroom to the basement to the den, our technicians can drill through a variety of different materials to fasten your TV to virtually any wall in the house. We’ll place the mount exactly where you want it, anchoring it safely to make sure your walls can handle the weight.

3️⃣  Configuring your TV: Between cable, video games, Apple TV, and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, a modern entertainment setup is more complex than ever. We’ll configure all of your services (and get your remotes sorted out) so you can find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

If you’ve just purchased a new TV or are in the market to wall mount the TV you already have, then email us at help@signa.com and let us make your vision come to life!