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February 07, 2020 1 min read

Restaurant Locks Customer Phones in box on Table to Prevent Texting

We’ve all seen those families out for dinner and everyone’s on their phone and no one’s talking. Even couples sitting together staring down at their devices not making eye contact or conversation. Have you heard some restaurants have a lock box on the table where all devices go into the box? You get your phones back at the end of the meal, we think this is a great idea!

To that end, both Apple and android phones have Quiet Time or DND features you can enable that stop all notifications past a certain time at night and before a certain time in the morning. 

An important part of recharging your own batteries, so to speak, is to disconnect from the constant stream of information coming at us from everywhere.

So take some time everyday to unplug and be fully present in the moment, whether it be by yourself or your loved ones. You deserve it!