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February 08, 2020 1 min read

Should You Overclock Your CPU Or GPU?

It’s a question we get asked all the time: can you assemble my PC and overclock it?

Unfortunately, we don’t do this for people and here is why...

We’ve seen many problems created by overclocking, from instability to the machine not booting, to having it run for only five minutes then shut down. We have seen countless video cards damaged by overclocking the GPU. Getting a video card replaced is a lengthy and frustrating process, and one which we try and avoid. (The last one we dealt with was a 2080TI that, during the holidays, took over a month to replace. The client said he didn’t overclock it yet somehow knew the GPU *should* be able run at 2100MHz 🤔)

To us, the incremental gains achieved by overclocking just isn’t worth the risk. If you would like to buy a PC and overclock it, please, with the greatest respect, don’t purchase one from us. Buy all your parts have someone assemble it for you and deal with the warranty if you do run into problems 👍

The overclocking we do support is Intel‘s built-in turbo boost and AMD’s boost max. 

In this case, the manufacturer safely auto overclocks the CPU to much greater speeds with no risk of damage, then throttles it back down when you don’t need the speed. It’s a truly amazing and reliable system that we recommend using and not tweaking.