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Workstations optimized for Cycles. Render your most demanding projects with ease.

Cycles is a render machine engine with a number of features, including path tracing unbiased renderer, CPU or GPU based rendering, including multiple GPU support, fast interactive preview render, node-based material system, and a large library of shader nodes. Cycles 4D acts as a bridge between Cycles and Cinema 4D. Once the Cycles render engine is selected within Cinema, rendering to viewport or picture viewer is seamless and works exactly as if using Cinema’s inbuilt renderer. In addition Cycles 4D adds additional support for X-Particles so that particles can be rendered easily with Cycles 4D.

The computers listed below are best for Cycles 4D because they all meet or exceed these system requirements…

System Requirements:

  • Cinema 4D versions: R14-R19, R20 using the Insydium Bridge plugin, R21 also using the Insydium Bridge plugin
  • Hardware: A 64-bit machine
  • Graphics Card: nVidia cards, AMD cards (for PC’s only)
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later, OSX 10.10 Yosemite or later