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November 10, 2021 1 min read

Special Services We Don't Advertise? We Mount TV's & Speakers On Wall!

 You might wonder why we don't advertise this service, well we call this a special service. It is not something you would think a computer guy would do but we love mounting TV's and speakers/soundbars. TV stands and wall units are out. Everything looks better mounted :)

The reason it is a special service is we get so many requests to help with this that we cannot squeeze everyone in, sometimes its just not the right fit or we cannot offer what is requested.  

We do however love to hear from you to see if this is something we can do for you. 

We charge a $199 consultation fee to come out and have a look and come up with idea's or just give us a call and say HEY I saw your post and would like my TV mounted. 

Give us a call :) 

416-488-9208 or Help@signa.com