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  • August 17, 2023 1 min read

    Does Anyone Answer Their Phones Anymore?


    I'm sure you've experienced it too... the dreaded voicemail system that seems specifically designed to keep you from ever reaching a real person. It's become a pet peeve of ours too, as we go through the very same thing when we call our suppliers/distributors, and sometimes even our clients! So, emphatic "Yes!  We get that too..."

    Here at Signa, we're trying to be better than that though, showcasing one of the strengths of small business — a real live person on the end of the line to help our customers. Of course, we're not saying that you won't ever go to voicemail when you call (because there are only so many of us, and sometimes we're already tied-up when you call), but we are here, and we do answer our phones. Your call really is important to us, and we choose to use voicemail as it was intended... for after-hours, holidays, or those instances when everyone is already talking to someone. :) If it's not one of those three situations, you get a real, live person right away.

    And for the occasions where you do get our voicemail, know that those go to a real person too — and faster than you think!  Leave a detailed voice-mail, and it automatically gets TRANSCRIBED to an EMAIL that reaches our inboxes and even our mobile devices!  How Awesome is That?!  It's just like e-mailing to help@signa.com, with no typing required! :)  We do go out of our way to be here for you.

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