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October 16, 2020 1 min read

What Does Signa Do?

Many people ask what we do, and some of it we don’t talk about much, so here you go... For almost 30 years, we've :

  • Provided computer sales, as well as setup, and repair services.
  • Supplied and installed Custom PCs for many different applications, but mostly for content creator.
  • Provided super-convenient In-Home and In-Office service calls for computer setup, repairs, and upgrades.
  • Helped Businesses with their IT.
  • Helped clients remotely via over-the-Internet virtual assistance.

Our lesser known "Secret Services" include :

  • TV Mounting
  • Help with home and business Audio / Video Challenges
  • Consulting
  • Wire clean up and organization
  • Training
  • Remote Control Setup
  • Apple Store shopping
  • TV Shopping and setup
  • Custom Water-Cooled PCs
  • And more...!

Call today to get the assistance you need!  We are currently still providing house-call services (via gloved & masked technician), and we also provide pre-screened, by-appointment in-shop services as well, while sales have been moved on-line with speedy curb-side pickup and delivery options available.  Call us today, or e-mail help@signa.com!




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