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May 25, 2021 2 min read

Upgrade or Buy a PC? A Case Study

Should you upgrade or buy new? We get this question a lot, and it's one we'd like to address in a simple case study. The client's name is Kai, and his PC was only 3 years old, with fairly high end components.

Kai contacted us PC because it was slow, and the performance he was getting just didn't add up. His PC was performing well below expectations as compared with other builds with similar components. 

We ran some performance tests and agreed with him, it was slow, and there should be room for improvement without (ideally) changing any components.

Our tests found his graphics card, his memory, his CPU, and his solid state drive were all well below were they should be. After discovering all this, we contact him with our findings and quoted him a the price to boost his PC's performance. 

We resolved the issues without changing any components. His gaming PC went from seriously underperforming to approaching best of best given his current hardware. He has gone from barely able to game to being able to run most current titles exceptionally well.  See the results for yourself in the banner above... Those are the real before/after results as measured by UserBench Online Speed Test. Pretty impressive, eh? We were happy with the results and Kai was ecstatic to say the least. 

For us, that's mission accomplished, as Kai's really happy with the result — and the cost too!  If your PC or laptop is 5 years old or less (and not a Mac), then optimizing it can be a great way to keep the original PC humming along for a few more years...just giving it that extra little bit of oomph it needs to be truly useful to you.