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February 24, 2021 2 min read

Ubiquiti Dream Machine has landed, and oh is it impressive!

Switching to Ubiquiti UniFi Router/Controller is quite an upgrade from your ISP-supplied cable modem (Rogers Ignite) or Bell Home Hub 3000. What the Ubiquiti does is give you great insight as to what's actually going on with your home or small business network. It gives you the speed and signal strength of hard-wired and wireless clients, and even rates the quality of connection with a "Wi-Fi Experience" number of 0 to 100%, so it's not just subjective, you get real world data to help understand your network. 

You can add hard-wired Access Points to expand the wireless coverage to any size home or business. Access Points come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your environment, with the most popular being ceil the ceil mount models of the NanoHD and U6-Lite to the tabletop/shelve models of the FlexHD, and more. 

If you're serious about upgrading your home or office network, The Ubiquiti Dream Machine is definitely worth consideration. We provide installation services in the Toronto GTA area for all Ubiquiti products including:

  • AmpliFi  -Ubiquiti's home product line. We don't supply but we can troubleshoot and replace if need be
  • UniFi - Business line of products. More expensive, and all hard-wired for the best performance and most reliable operation
  • Protect - Ubiquiti's professional camera line which requires a Dream Machine Pro and hard drive, or Cloud Key Gen 2 and optional drive
  • Access - Ubiquiti's security system for key card access systems

 Please contact us if you'd like to upgrade to best-in-class Wi-Fi for your home or office. help@signa.com or (416) 488-9208 and leave a detailed message.

Note: we do not sell Ubiquiti components by themselves, we only offer installation and troubleshooting services at our hourly rate.

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