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November 14, 2018 1 min read

Back by popular demand!  We originally sent out a postcard with this vintage photo of Yonge street four years ago, and since then we've gotten so many request to resend it again... So here goes!

Times have changed and Yonge Street has changed along with them, but not THAT much!  We smile every time we look at this photo and still see the familiar outlines of our shop and our neighbour's adjacent shops... it reminds us of how much simpler things were when this photo was taken, but also of how much of the present is rooted in the past.  In today's fast and busy lifestyle, we tend to focus more on technology and being connected on social-media... it seems like we've almost forgotten how to stay in touch with friends and family just by talking — in person!

At  Signa we focus on direct, clear communication and customer service... what's more, we take care of your technology issues (phones, computers, Macs, tablets, WiFi and even TVs) so YOU can be free to do the really important things in life.  So, pause, take a deep breath, and enjoy some of that good, old-style, face-to-face quality time with your friends and family knowing that we're looking after your devices and tech for you!  Contact us via email or call — we’re here to help YOU!

Kind regards,

The Signa Team!