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January 17, 2022 1 min read

Snow Day Today — Closed for Curb-side Pickup/DropOff ☃️

A lot of you probably look back and laugh now at Jan 2nd of 1999... when we got over 100cm of snow here in the GTA... It was pretty memorable, as our mayor-of-the-time Mel Lastman called in the army to help clear Toronto's streets, and Toronto became the focus of some very amusing headlines in the news. :) 

Yet, here we are again with another major winter storm moving in, and record snowfall potentially happening today... "so it's a bit of deja-vu all over again..." ;)  What's your prediction for today?  Are we going to set another record?  Is today going to be "Snowmageddon: Part 2"?

NOTE: due to the treacherous road conditions out there, our storefront is closed for today... so no curbside-pickup or drop-off until tomorrow at the earliest.  Safety first!