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October 25, 2021 1 min read

Signa is your local Intel Gold Partner

Did you know Signa is an Intel gold partner? What does that mean to you as the customer? It means amazing support and fast advance replacement of any Intel product we've sold you. If we even suspect a bad CPU (<1 in 2000 units but it does happen!) Intel will ship us a brand new replacement immediately — before we return the old one... so you get your machine back with a new CPU as fast as humanly possible.

How did we become an Intel Gold partner? As a small business it wasn’t easy. We commit to $100,000 worth of purchases and attend training each year to stay on top of all the new products and support requirements.  This is a big commitment, but the quality of Intel products and the unwavering support they provide make it very worthwhile... so we go that extra mile to make it happen. :)

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