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July 18, 2022 1 min read

Here at Signa, we're happy that we provide Workstations that can cater to any needs that you have for your work.

From PCs for analyzing and compiling data, video editing, CAD, stock trading, Zoom meetings, digital marketing... and more, of course; Signa can provide the perfect workstation for you. Are you interested? Take a look at our large, diverse selection of workstations!

Signa's Workstations

We offer selections from Intel's most recent, powerful processor series. Intel 12th Gen i3-12100, i5-12400f, i7-12700f, i9-12900KF. Of course, the top of the line Nvidia RTX cards aswell. 3050, 3060, 3060ti, 3070, 3070ti, 3080, 3080ti, 3090 and the 3090ti.