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March 15, 2022 1 min read

The power to get you through 2022!

We hope you’re doing well and are enjoying the taste of warm weather — surely a sign that spring is just ahead!

Now that things have settled, we’re doing a fair number of PC/Mac upgrades lately, and wanted run a few of them by you.

  1. Upgrade to 10 Windows 11 (hardware permitting), $224.87 incl tax
  2. Better Graphics Upgrade, RTX 3060 12GB Installed $1015.87 incl tax
  3. Intel i7 processor, motherboard, memory, installed, $1015.87 incl tax
  4. Intel i9 processor, motherboard, memory, installed, $1116.44 incl tax
  5. iMac 500% Speed Up, HDD-> SSD, $1228.87 incl tax

Please note: Due to the different hardware available, sometimes extra parts are needed or upgrade isn't possible. In that case we'll give you some options or full money back of upgrade package.

All upgrades include trade-in of original parts and receive a free rush service with payment by e-transfer. Simple send payment to sales@signa.com and we'll config a M-F 9-5 drop-off time.

SKU: 55321

Thanks very much!

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