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January 23, 2024 2 min read

Quick Bites: Fresh Updates from Signa Computer Systems

We're off to a great start in 2024 and wanted to share a quick update in the different areas we focus in.

On-Site In-Home Service

Buying online is great, but who do you turn to to ask questions when you're just not sure? We'd added a new in-home consultation service that does just that and gets you the help you need to make informed decisions about new tech, whether it be a Mac, PC, a phone, a remote control, a sound bar, or in-wall speakers, we use and install them all the time and can help you out.

Laptops for Home & Business

We've added some new models, and a handy website filter bar to help you find the model you're looking for, with more features to come! Check them out here.

Updates to our Website

There's so many, but I'll mention the big two: Big Nav Icons on front page, and chat bubble, try them out here.

Gaming PCs

Brand new 14th Gen processors, cases, faster SSDs, and more, check them out here.

Media Creation or Consumption?

It's a favourite question of ours...do you consume content (phones/iPad) or create it? Phones are great for "consuming" content, and for the most part, workstations "create" the content you view on your phone or tablet. Many people don't know this, but much of our business is configuring and selling $4000+ graphics workstations ranging all the way up to $28,000, for a single PC!

In-Shop Work

We've cut back on a lot of the small repairs we used to do as we just can't afford to do them anymore. We're mostly focusing on new computer orders and $500~$1500 upgrades. 2024 has kept us busy with them! We're continuing to send away broken hinges and LCD replacements, there's just no time for these.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure most people would agree, communication can be complicated, but in the days of ghosting and silence for extended periods, we're trying to change that, by pushing a little harder. Hopefully not so much as to offend, but just to get an answer or feedback one way or another, to move on. The good news is, IT'S WORKING!

Would love to answer any questions you may have, I try and reply to all emails.

P.S. Hang in there for the snow today!

Warm Regards,

Greg Stapells, Founder