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  • June 15, 2023 1 min read

    Linux Lives Here, at Signa

    It's certainly an exciting time to be a Linux user right now...!  Brilliant new technologies like Wayland, Vulkan, Snap, and Proton are poised to bring the entire family of Linux distributions into a very bright future where performance, compatibility, and interoperability reach unprecedented heights.  Also, thanks in part to SteamDeck's runaway success, consumer-level awareness and adoption of Linux is growing as well.

    Here at Signa, Linux is part of our day-to-day too — our team is spread across the entire gamut of OSs, and use a mix of Linux, Windows, and MacOS on our workstations.  It's hard to believe Linux has been a steadfast part of that mix for a little over 10 years now...!  So, yes, we really are "multi-platform" here. ;)

    Linux in all it's various flavours is an incredible OS that offers levels of flexibility, and customization that are simply astounding... and it comes with an entire ecosystem of extensions, tools, and apps that we just couldn't get through a typical day without.  If you need it on your machine, then you already know why — but if you haven't tried it yet, then maybe you should.  Pick a popular distribution like Kubuntu, Fedora, or Mint (or maybe even something a little quirky and cool like Puppy Linux), and then see where the road takes you!  You might be pleasantly surprised.