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June 01, 2023 1 min read

Learn How to Recognize Online and Phone Scams.

 We live in a age where it seems every other e-mail message and phone-call is a scammer looking to take advantage of us.  As time goes by, these scams are getting more elaborate and convincing, finding new ways to "push our buttons" and make us react to things that aren't true.

As technology and technology-service providers, we feel it's only natural to help educate our customers on how to interact safely and confidently in our digital world.  What are the earmarks of a scam?  We teach you things like :

  • We cover the basics of what is always present/absent in a scam message or call, such as extreme urgency coupled with insistence on immediate action, the lack of specific information that a legitimate call/message would have (ie. institution name, account numbers, personal id numbers, etc), and ultimately a request for information, money, or some other form of action on your part.
  • We also provide more in-depth techniques to help you "break the fake."  We train you to check links and message headers, spot audio cues, as well as what to do if you've already been drawn partially down the rabbit hole before you realize what you've been duped and need to take remedial actions.

Contact us today for our "digital smart / scam smart" training session, and get ahead of the curve in our digital world.