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November 16, 2019 2 min read

Slow Wi-Fi and bad signal plague a majority of us while we're trying to be productive or maybe while we're just trying to entertain ourselves browsing or using Netflix. 

Here are a few simple tips that may help you improve your connection.

Upgrade your wifi router.

Upgrading your wifi router is a quick fix that won't rack up any monthly costs. Routers can operate on different frequencies, depending on the router you have or choose, you can use a higher frequency of 5GHz which will deliver data faster to your device. The lower standard frequency of 2.4GHz is a bit slower, but has better range. 

Not sure which router to choose? Talk to us. We'll help you not only find the best router, but we'll configure it so you'll experience optimal performance.

Note: be careful when having Rogers or Bell upgrade your modem/router. May things like printers, smart devices etc can be connected and will stop working with a modem swap.

Expand your network using Range Extenders or a Mesh network.

A range extender is a simple, inexpensive solution for getting more signal to more places. It does exactly as the name implies, it extends the range of your existing router.

There are a few downsides to using a range extender. For example, range extenders have their own network keys, so you'll need to log out of your main router and into the extender's network when using the extender. The signal speed of extenders are slower which may be a problem if you're used instant load speeds. 

The solution for these two problems? Mesh Wi-fi. A mesh wifi network is made up of multiple Wi-Fi pods or hot spots placed around your home or business. While moving through your space, your device you're using will hop into the strongest pod, giving you the best speed around your home or office, even outside on the deck or patio.

The speed of your wifi will depend on how many pods you're using, and your Wi-Fi speed. Generally speaking, 3 pods works well for about 1500 square feet, using up to 9 for 5000 feet. If  you'd like help choosing a new router or setting up a Mesh network, once again, we're here for you, day and night! Talk to us! 

Email us at sales@signa.com - chat with us using the chat in the lower corner and book a house call. 

For more information about getting more out of your wireless network, visit our Wifi Boosting page.

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