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March 01, 2024 2 min read

How great is your home/office Wi-Fi?

Has your Wireless Network really "got you covered"?  Lots of us are relying very heavily on WiFi in 2024 — for intense use by the whole family, as well as at-home business use.  Maybe you're VPNing and Zooming to work, maybe your entire family is streaming different Netflix shows to various devices and gaming simultaneously... but whatever the case, you just want it all to work — and work well!

Many of us have discovered that plugging a few Wifi pods in around the house and calling it a day simply doesn't provide the strength and consistency we need. Here's a quick guide explaining the different levels of coverage for home and business, as well as the approximate costs associated with each to improve Wifi speed (Mbits per second) and reduce latency (lag):

  • Tier 4:
    • Wifi Type : ISP-provided modem and router (from Bell, Rogers, etc.)
    • Coverage : Okay to sub-par.
    • Cost : $0 (Included with Internet Package.)
  • Tier 3:
    • Wifi Type : Wireless "Mesh" Network.
    • Coverage : Not Bad - Really good in some areas of home, weak in others, especially long distances from main router.
    • Cost : $500-$1500 plus tax.
  • Tier 2 :
    • Wifi Type : Some Hardwired Access Points.
    • Coverage : Good - Really strong Wifi in most areas of home, weak zones solved with hard-wired access points.
    • Cost : $1500-$3500.
  • Tier 1 :
    • Wifi Type : All Hardwired Access Points.
    • Coverage : The Best - really strong Wifi in all areas of home where Wifi is needed.
    • Cost : $3500-$10,000+

Which of the above levels are you currently at, and how happy are you with your Wifi's performance? If you're in the GTA, and want to move up a tier or two, we can book a consulting visit to come to your home or office space, run some tests, and determine what the best, most cost-effective upgrade route is.  Give us a call today, and make sure your Wifi's really "got you covered"😊

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