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July 31, 2020 1 min read

🔍 Can You Game on a ThreadRipper? Let's Find Out! 🔎

Ready to try something a bit "Extreme"?  How about gaming on a ThreadRipper paired with an RTX card for threads-upon-threads?  "Game of Threads" maybe? ;D

Normally, all the threads on a CPU like a ThreadRipper come in handy for severe number-crunching like compressing video, rendering CGI imagery, or running fluid simulations... but is the ThreadRipper all work and no play?  Far from it!  Pull up a seat (or a throne), and sit back for the show — we've been benchmarking...

Doom Eternal = 280fps
Fortnight = 165fps
Assassin's Creed Odyssey = 70fps
Overwatch = 150fps
Red Dead Redemption 2 = 60fps
Destiny 2 = 165fps
Grand Theft Auto V = 105fps
Monster Hunter World = 102fps
League of Legends = 283fps

Now, to be 100% honest, we have to point out that in reality it only matters that your GPU has exactly one frame ready to display for every pass of your monitor's refresh rate (and rendering all those other additional frames that never get displayed just turns your rig into a space-heater — which is why some games have a frame-rate cap built-in), but you have to admit, those are still some mighty impressive numbers!  :)  It really does show that a ThreadRipper paired with an RTX is mighty capable of delivering glossy smooth performance.

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