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November 01, 2019 1 min read

Picture Organizing and backup for Apple MacBook or iMac, PC, or phone - repair service in Toronto GTA Canada PC Onsite Service

photo organization, photo backup, image organization, image backup, transferring images, backing up images, transferring photos, backing up photos, toronto, ontario, canadaYou love taking pictures of your family and all kinds of things you find. Any why not? It’s so convenient to pull out your phone and snap away.

Everything’s so fun and easy to use… until your phone fills up and your iCloud stopped backing up because it said it’s maximum storage. Then where do all those photos go? Inside a folder on your computer or phone. Soon, after piling up for years, your photo folder becomes a mess and one day when you want to find a photo that you remember taking, you look for it… but where the heck is it?

Photo organization, tagging, and backing up your memories are important if you’d like to recall memories from years ago without spending hours sorting through photos.

We can help you with the daunting task of backing up and organizing your photo collection.

Book a house call and we’ll come help you with your photos so that you can continue doing what you love, capturing and sharing memories. And even help order some prints or photo books if you like.

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