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April 21, 2023 1 min read

A Complete Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Transformation in a 4000+Sqft Condo!

Brenda was having issues with frustratingly slow Wi-Fi in her condo. The Basement was GREAT, as that's where the modem was, but the other 3 floors where as slow as 5Mbit/sec. Issues such as network loss, TV show interruptions and buffering, and more. After sending over a Signa technician for a Wi-Fi Consultation, we designed the perfect Wi-Fi system for her needs, while keeping costs down as much as we could. We determined a Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-fi system would be the best solution for her luxury condo.

After installing the Ubiquiti network, with stealth In-Wall Access Points, we were testing consistent speeds of ~350 Mbit/s everywhere, on all 4 floors. Needless to say, Brenda was very happy with her new Ubiquiti Network and Wi-Fi solution. 

Down the road it's easy to add a doorcam, security cameras, and other features as needed. 

Signa is the place to go for a solution for your Wi-Fi concerns! Our experienced, professional technicians always have great ideas to make your Wi-Fi access better.