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December 14, 2019 1 min read

How Can An In-Home / On-Site Business Technician Support The Latest Services & You?


Let's start with the question, what is an In-Home / On-Site computer technician? Well its someone that lives and breaths computers and IT, usually an engineer or someone who is highly qualified and loves what they do. We come to your business or house to help you with all your IT needs one on one. You are the priority. We do not answer phone calls or help other customers while we are with you.

We can help with below :)

  • Make sure your computer is up to date and secure with all the latest updates
  • Remove any virus's or malware often you don't even know you have
  • Migrate from one email address to another, and help with the transition
  • Get set up with Microsoft Office 365 & Email
  • Help you get a new computer and set it up with you at home or the office
  • Transfer any data from old computer to new computer (Mac Or PC)
  • Fix & improve your wifi, expand your wireless to the entire house
  • Negotiate better rates with your service providers (we know all the tricks)

This is just to name a few :) 

Please give us a call if you have something that needs done, we are eager to help and can let you know if its something we can help you with.


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