Super Quiet for professional environments
Vantech's Stealth SF6025L 60mm black case fan is a compact and quiet cooling solution for today's desktop computers. The dual ball-bearing design extends the life span of the fan. It spins at 2,600rpm, but creates just 20dBA of noise providing efficient, quiet cooling whether it's used to pull cool air into your system or push hot air out.

The fan can connect to your motherboard's standard 3-pin fan connector for power or the optional 3-pin to 4-pin converting cable that's included allows you to connect this fan to your power supply. Find the power in silence!

Fan Size 60mm
Bearing Type 2 Ball
RPM 2600 RPM
Air Flow 12 CFM
Noise Level 20 dBA
Power Connector 3 / 4 Pin
Color Black
Manu PN:

SKU: 19024


Vantec Stealth 60mm Case Fan Black