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All-in-one, easy-to-use protection for everything you and your family do online—email, socialize, bank, browse, shop, and more.
Protects Multiple Devices

Protects your PC and/or Mac
Protects your Android devices
Protects Your Privacy

Safeguards against email phishing scams with the best phishing detection rates, guarding against identity theft
Protects against spyware
Manages your social networking privacy settings
Protects Your Computers and Data

Blocks viruses and dangerous links with the fastest protection against new web threats
Includes solution to manage online accounts with one master password
Includes a secure browser for safe online banking
Optimizes computer performance with System Tuner
Safeguards sensitive files in cloud with the Vault
Securely stores files in cloud with Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ 5 GB
Protects Your Family

Restricts or filters kids' access to websites
Helps kids control how much private and personal data is exposed online
Includes ability to monitor kids online
Protects Your Android Devices

Finds a device if it's lost or stolen
Identifies data-stealing mobile apps
Backs up and restores data stored on a device
Remotely locks and wipes a lost device

General Requirements
500MB of free space on the hard drive
CD-ROM drive (for installation via CD)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher (to update the anti-virus database and application modules via the Internet)
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Trend Micro ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange