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Renewed Signa Video Editing CAD Workstation 3050/3060 w/Intel i7-4790 Up To 4.0Ghz, 16GB, 500GB SSD & 1TB HDD Custom Gamer PC

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Intel Core i7-4790 4 Core Up To 4.0Ghz

16GB Ram

500GB Solid State Drive

1TB HDD Secondary Drive

RTX 3050 / 3060 12GB 

Wireless Wifi Optional Please Ask

Windows 10  

Renewed PCs come with a limited 90 day warranty. Does not include damage caused by overclocking CPU or GPU. A BIOS password will be installed for 30 days to ensure the proper operation of PC with stock settings.

Renewed Signa Entry Video Editing Workstation 3050/3060 w/Intel i7-4790 Up To 4.0Ghz, 16GB, 500GB SSD & 1TB HDD Custom PC

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