You've got questions and we have answers! Here is a page featuring our most common questions amongst our customers. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, contact us and let us know,  we're happy to help!

Pre-Sale Questions

Yes, we do! We have all cards available at our distributor: 3060, 3070, 3080, 3090's are all available. We do not have cards available for sale separately. We get this question multiple times per day and thankful the answer is the same: YES, we have cards available at our disty, ready for sale in bundles we've already committed to.

I'm sorry, but not at this time.

They are both comparable now... sometimes it comes down to just your brand preference. Intel's return and replacement process is far quicker than AMD's at the moment, but we love AMD as well. :)

This varies from machine to machine — we like to say about four days for most PCs, and two weeks for threadrippers, but it's often quicker than that!

By default, a wifi option is selected. You can choose to remove or add additional wireless or bluetooth connection cards.

No, we don't sell hardware accessories separately. We only sell prebuilt units.

We offer 30+ configurations and 75 different options, but I'm afraid we no longer provide completely custom quotes.  (If asked, we will occasionally tweak the configurations on our website for you, to meet your specific needs, though!)  It was necessary to streamline our business model because of the pandemic.  The easier we can make the process the better — which in turn benefits you, our customers, by providing better pricing, and speedier/safer ordering/delivery processes.


E-Transfer is preferred, helps with our expenses, and gets you a free rush service on new PC orders!

Sorry, we do not. Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer which gives you the fastest order processing time.

If you feel safe providing us with the information, we will take credit cards over the phone.


I’m sorry but at this time we are not shipping to British Columbia or Québec.


Please ensure you’re plugged into the video card of your PC and not the motherboard ports.

did you purchase a Wi-Fi adapter? If not you will need one to connect to your wireless router.

Overclocking means to run the CPU at a higher speed than is recommended by the manufacturer.

About once a week we except a system in that’s been overclocked and physically ;well, electrically) damaged which requires permits being replaced and a lot of time spent troubleshooting. This is an expensive process and hard for a small business like ours to deal with. In these cases we recommend would-be overclockers build their own machine or purchase machines where overclocking is supported.

Service Questions

We will come to your house or business if you are within 30 miles of Toronto. 

Upon request, as long as the task is not beyond our capability, we can provide additional services to our customers and we're usually happy to do so. 

We've seen too many machines melt down due to over clocking and running them faster/hotter for longer than they were designed to.  We just don't make enough on these computers to be able to support the extra time/work involved with troubleshooting and returns/repairs on overclocked hardware.  In this case we prefer you build your own, or find a company that doesn't mind overclocking. 🙂

Unfortunately, we no longer offer this service.

Occasionally we do (especially for on-site repairs), but this tends to get very expensive when assembling an entire PC from scratch, so westrongly encourage you to look for cheaper assembly services.