Pre-Sale Questions

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No, we don't sell hardware accessories separately. We only sell prebuilt units.

If you feel safe providing us with the information, we will take credit cards over the phone.


Please ensure you’re plugged into the video card of your PC and not the motherboard ports.

did you purchase a Wi-Fi adapter? If not you will need one to connect to your wireless router.

Overclocking means to run the CPU at a higher speed than is recommended by the manufacturer.

About once a week we except a system in that’s been overclocked and physically ;well, electrically) damaged which requires permits being replaced and a lot of time spent troubleshooting. This is an expensive process and hard for a small business like ours to deal with. In these cases we recommend would-be overclockers build their own machine or purchase machines where overclocking is supported.

Service Questions

Upon request, as long as the task is not beyond our capability, we can provide additional services to our customers and we're usually happy to do so. 

We will come to your house or business if you are within 30 miles of Toronto.