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You've got questions and we have answers! Here is a page featuring our most common questions amongst our customers. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, contact us and let us know,  we're happy to help!

About Who We Are

We supply powerful CAD Workstations for Architects, Engineers, and Designers. We also sell PCs for Home/Office. Our PCs can be configured for Video Editing, CAD Design, VFX (Visual Effects), GPU Rendering, Machine Learning and other Scientific applications.

Mac and PC On-Site service (In-Home/Office) and Remote Service and Help for homes and businesses is available most days, evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Consulting services are offered by phone, or video chat, or in person at your residence or business. We're doing very limited repairs and upgrades at the moment.

We sell work-from-home computers and business computers as well.

We do not rent computers, however we've recently provided the option to finance your new computer through Affirm!

We started consulting, and selling PCs back in 1991, then moved to a retail presence in 1993. That's 30+ years of doing what we love, helping those that appreciate quality and treat us well.

Pre-Sales Questions

We have a limited amount of 40-series cards in stock. As a result, we restrict the sale of them to complete computer purchases only.

Yes, with certain configurations and graphics cards, we can add an extra, or in some cases, two extra graphics cards to your computer

It depends! Up to 24 cores, we recommend Intel processors. Above 24 cores, we recommend AMD.

We offer both — it's your choice! We usually recommend that you choose whichever OS offers you the best performance for the apps you intend to run.

Two to four business days.

We offer 30+ configurations and 75 different options, but I'm afraid we no longer provide completely custom quotes.  (If asked, we will occasionally tweak the configurations on our website for you, to meet your specific needs.)  This change was necessary to streamline our business model because of the pandemic.  The easier and more automatic we can make the process the better — which in turn benefits you, our customers, by providing better pricing, and speedier/safer ordering/delivery processes.

Payment Questions

E-Transfer and EFT (Direct bank transfer) as a small business, it helps keep our costs down. As a result, we provide a free rush service for people who pay with these methods!

Sorry, we do not. Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer which gives you the fastest order processing time.

If you feel safe providing us with the information, we will take credit cards over the phone.

Shipping Questions

We are very quick to respond, and if you pay by E-transfer will put a free "rush service" on your order (a $150-$199 value.) That said, we are generally 2 to 4 business days, give or take. Feel free to email us and discuss any deadlines you may have.

Out of province orders require payment by E-Transfer or EFT. We are very excited to have opened up shipping to more provinces with stock levels and component shortages easing. Please contact us for any questions.

Troubleshooting Questions

Did you purchase a system from us and are having trouble upgrading to WIndows 11? Perhaps you're running Microsoft health check app and its reporting you are missing a TPM module? The best thing to do is to update your motherboard BIOS.

Reboot your PC and take note of the make and model of motherboard, eg Asus Prime Z390-A, Asus X299M-A etc then Google motherboard make and model, + “update BIOS”

For example: Google “Asus X299 update Bios” then follow introductions.

That usually includes

1) downloading the BIOS to a memory key
2) rebooting then tapping Del or F2 key
3) pressing F7 while key is inserted in USB port
4) using file browser in BIOS to find BIOS update you’ve downloaded
5) updating BIOS
6) rebooting
7) try to install windows 11 again

Alternatively you can make an appointment for us to do this in shop for a min one hour charge


If you are in the GTA, we may be able to come out and do this for you at a higher rate

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot do this service remotely it really requires “hands on” the PC as the remote software does not run in the BIOS consequently we cannot access it remotely.

There are multiple video ports on your PC. Please ensure your monitor is plugged into to the discreet graphics card's ports, and not the motherboard's ports for integrated/on-board video.

Did you purchase a wifi adapter? If not you will need one to connect to your wireless router.

Some of our motherboards come with WiFi 6 built-in, but require an external antenna that screws onto the back of your PC. When connecting the included antenna, please go slowly, and try not to cross-thread... Screw them on finger tight, no tools are required.

Service Questions

No, not at this time. We used to offer in-shop consultation, but due to Covid-19 concerns, we have transitioned to free email consultation and paid phone consultation.

We will come to your house or business if you are within 30km of Toronto. 

Upon request, as long as the task is not beyond our capability, we can provide additional services to our customers and we're usually happy to do so.

We've seen too many machines melt down due to over clocking and running them faster/hotter for longer than they were designed to.  We just don't make enough on these computers to be able to support the extra time/work involved with troubleshooting and returns/repairs on overclocked hardware.  In this case we prefer you build your own, or find a company that doesn't mind overclocking. 🙂

What DON'T We Do?

No. Although we did offer a parts-assembly service in the past, we no longer offer this service.

We prefer to build our systems from carefully chosen parts that we know will work well together. It's very important to us that every customer gets a consistent, rock-solid, reliable product they're happy with — not a bleeding-edge one that may or may not work as they'd hoped.

Not usually, no. In order to fix any problem, we usually have to see the malfunction in action and then deduce the cause of it. With intermittent problems that can't be reproduced consistently, it's often simpler and more cost-effective to have the problem device hooked up and running on our testing bench.

Examples of these sorts of problems include :

- random lock-ups

- random blue-screens

- boot issues

No. The correct application of thermal paste and cooler is rather critical (even more so with modern CPUs/GPUs that run a lot hotter.) Our techs require proper lighting, seating, and tools to make sure that each application is as perfect as you expect it to be. Our in-shop service bench is the only place we find suitable.

No. This is a very tedious task that is best suited to our in-shop repair bench where our technicians can be very careful and methodical, working in optimal lighting where they can see what they're doing.

Although it never hurts to ask, if a component has failed and we can't get a replacement part, then no.

Sometimes technology can be so old that the only sensible course of action is to get a new machine.