Introducing Signa’s Custom Build Services! The highest quality custom computers in Toronto.

“Signa helped me build the computer of my dreams!”


While pre-built and off-the-shelf Desktop PCs can work fine for most people and situations, some require a Custom built PC to meet their exacting needs. And that’s the beauty of a Custom machine, you can spec exactly what YOU want, not just what some manufacturer thinks you need. While most people do similar things on their PCs, many people have specific needs and we cater to those needs individually, offering more power for less money, and that’s always a good thing!

We offer two types of service for our Custom PCs:

We Supply and Assemble

We will make recommendations, supply the parts, do a professional assembly, wire-route, and deal with the warranty for at least 1 year. We will then drop the custom computer off at your address or you can come in and pick it up. This exclusive service will save you time.

You Supply, We Assemble

You gather up the parts and drop them off to us. We then do a professional assembly, wire route, and you deal with warranty and support situations. We can even send a courier to pick up your components from your address. You supply the box, we’ll send you a label to print, and voila, it’ll be on it’s way to us in no time!

Here are a few types of custom builds we do:

  • High-end graphic capabilities for AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Photoshop, and more, for creative companies, schools, dental & medical applications, and more

  • Powerful Gaming PCs with virtually instant loading and incredible frame rates (Flashy or Conservative, we do both!)

  • Office PCs with dual-drives, securing your data

  • Small, quiet PCs for Media Centers in family rooms

  • Rackmount and Pedestal Servers for company data

  • Entry level PCs and Notebooks for tight budgets

  • Budget gaming PCs with room to grow

While we like to do things right, we’re still a small business and we provide all the benefits that go along with dealing with one: better support as you deal directly with the people who do all the work, and our ability to get to know you and your specific needs.

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