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High Performance
Gaming Systems


We offer the best choice of gaming computers in Toronto Ontario Canada. Designed for a high performance, clean appearance, efficient airflow & quiet operation, our computer systems offer the fastest, most reliable leading-edge technology to date.

  • Bringing you the top brands you demand for your Ultimate Rig.
  • All the hot next-gen leading-edge hardware for maximum performance.
  • Pre-built, or slightly tweaked (Custom) - your choice!
  • Fast build-times, & fully burn-in tested.
  • Shipping to many parts of Canada.


Every computer here can be customized to meet your performance requirements and budget. 
Really amazing new configs available including Ryzen 3rd Gen and X570 motherboard upgrades. Please let us know if you have questions we are happy to help :) 

Please note: We do not assemble parts purchased elsewhere, we prefer to keep in stock and assemble our own PC's as every single component has been tested thoroughly, with that we offer a 1 year warranty on all Signa PC's with the option to upgrade to a 3 for an additional fee. We offer phone support on all PC's and are here to help with additional services like delivery / setup and on-site support for an additional fee. Please ask :)
We do no support or warrant overclocking, machines are so fast these days that it really is not needed and will damage components.