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September 05, 2019 1 min read

When people choose an Intel NUC (a Tiny PC), they're usually choosing it because it's a full-featured PC with an extraordinarily small 4"x4" footprint.  It fits seamlessly into any home or business office-space because it's just THAT small.... and it can be completely invisible if it's attached to the back of your monitor.  So, the physical size of the device is it's primary appeal.  However, at Signa we LOVE to test things, so when our senior Tech looked at an Intel Extreme NUC and exclaimed "Lets run Cinebench on it!", we all grinned and said "Oh, yeah!  Let's benchmark that baby!"

For those who don't know, CineBench is a CGI benchmark utility designed to produce a performance score for machines destined to run the 3D content creation suite known as Cinema4D... and Cinema4D can be a very demanding app.  So, running the benchmark utility on a NUC is sort of like entering a VW Beetle in the Baja 1000... the two aren't really intended for each other. :)  But curiosity got the best of us, and well... The results were slightly surprising, as the little NUC actually did better than we thought it would, earning a final score of 1907 points.

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