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January 03, 2020 1 min read

The time has finally come...

Windows 7 will OFFICIALLY be out of order starting January 14th.

So, what does this mean for you? 

Basically, this means that if you don't upgrade your computer to Windows 10 before the 14th, your computer may become vulnerable to attacks which could mean you'll run into some serious issues.

If there is one thing hackers are interested in, it’s a flawed operating system. Why? Because it makes their job really (and I mean really) easy.

Now that Microsoft will no longer be releasing these updates, attackers will specifically target users still using Windows 7. 

And the worst part is, if you do get attacked, Microsoft will deny you any technical support to fix your issue!

There are 2 options for you, both of which we can help you with.

Option 1. Purchase a new computer. Buying a new computer, of course, has several advantages. It's going to last for several years and will continue to run smoothly with each new Windows update that Microsoft releases. You won't need to worry about old hardware failing and you'll get to experience the newest technology!

Option 2. Upgrade your computer. If your computer is compatible with hardware upgrades that will allow Windows 10 to run without a hitch, we can install those upgrades for you, then update your operating system to the latest version of Windows.

In any case, if you'd like us to help you keep your computer secure and transition to Windows 10, call us and book a house call. Like always, we're more than happy to help!