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October 30, 2020 1 min read

Call just once, and we'll appear!


Is your computer or laptop just a ghost of its former self?  Possessed by malware perhaps, or just flat-out broken with one foot in the grave and about to star in the next Tim Burton movie?  Need help getting it back to life? 

The expert techs at Signa can get your machine back up and running.  Just e-mail help@signa.com to book your in-home appointment today.  They'll arrive wearing a mask and gloves, fix the problem, and be on their way before you know it.  (We promise, they won't wear a black-and-white striped suit, and you'll only have to call once to have us appear.) ;D

Our techs can :

  • resolve hardware, software, and driver conflicts
  • fix problems with stuck/conflicting windows updates
  • upgrade and/or replace hard-drives/solid-state drives
  • clone your old OS and files to a new storage device
  • create a bootable recovery drive for your entire system
  • remove viruses and malware, and install/update anti-virus solutions
  • perform basic data recovery
  • resolve connectivity issues
  • boost wifi coverage throughout your home

Book your appointment today → Email help@signa.com