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September 02, 2020 2 min read

Tech-Talk: What's Up With Updates?

Operating System updates to Windows, OSX, and other operating systems are often a double-edge sword... In theory every update is beneficial as they're all intended to fix bugs and plug security holes, so skipping an update is bad.  In practice though, some updates can cause conflicts that destabilize the OS or introduce new bugs/security holes, so installing the latest and greatest update can also be bad.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't.  :)  Aside from this, some updates can bring your device to a crawl while downloading, or take forever to install — essentially leaving you without a computer at whatever point in time they decide to come calling... or they can outright fail to install,  leaving you with a crippled device.

For all of the above reasons, "automatic updates" just aren't what they used to be... It's now a love-hate/frenemies sort of relationship, and even the big guys like Apple and Microsoft have become gun-shy about pushing out updates onto people's machines for fear of customer backlash.

Signa would like to remind you that we're here for you, and we have decades of experience getting troublesome updates to install correctly, rolling-back/removing bad updates, resolving conflicts, and just making sure that your OS is properly maintained and up-to-date.  Take advantage of our experience the next time you have update worries.  It should never be a choice about whether or not you're safe — it should simply be a choice to be safe. :)

Email us today at help@signa.com too book an appointment, and we'll make sure that all your important updates are properly installed and working.

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