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October 05, 2019 1 min read

What’s better, a dedicated baby cam or a phone-based Nest Camera? - toronto gta Ontario monitor installation

Are you a new parent whose constantly concerned about how your baby is doing? Of course you are, it's your natural instinct.

Baby monitors are extremely handy...when you are in another room, you don't need to worry about what your baby is doing because you can watch him or her using a handheld baby monitor.

As great as that sounds, technology is getting smarter and monitoring your baby is getting easier. Now you can use a phone, iPad, and/or pc/Mac based camera. Your monitor (phone) is always with you, and you receive notifications when camera detects something like:

• your baby crying
• a dog barking
• person talking
• a person is spotted (baby wakes up)

These new cameras are absolutely incredible and must be experienced to fully realize how amazing they are. And if you're not completely sure about how to set up a baby monitor and more importantly, how to route and fasten the cord for safety, let us do it for you.

Book a house call today and we'll make sure you feel safe leaving your baby alone in another room.


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