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August 05, 2020 1 min read

Small Business: Our New Reality Under Covid19

So, with all the talk of how the Pandemic is affecting small business in the GTA, we thought we'd throw in our ten-cents, too. For sure, Covid19 has changed our day-to-day, but not all of those changes are visible to someone on the outside looking in...

The Good :
  • We're selling lots of PCs and Macs.
  • We're booking lots of in-home service.
  • We're doing more Remote/over-the-internet calls than ever before.
  • Our efficiency has improved with our by-appointment-only process.
  • Our storefront is antiseptically clean.
The Bad :
  • Shipments are often delayed.
  • Parts for repairs can take much longer to source.
  • Some components have seen recent price-hikes.
  • Although we haven't had any problems so far, worrying about core component availability like CPUs, memory, and motherboards often keeps us up at night.
  • The extra Covid-specific steps in a day (like the morning health checklist and temperature-check, cleaning/disinfecting between clients, appointment scheduling, etc) all nibble away time that would otherwise be spent on client jobs.
  • We sometimes have "mask marks" on our faces.
  • Our workplace always has the faint odour of disinfectant... :)
Some changes for sure, and not all for the good — but we're okay with it. We're doing our best to keep everyone safe, and hoping to figure out this "new normal" and how we fit into it. What is your workplace like? :) Give us a shout, we'd love to hear your stories too!

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