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December 09, 2021 2 min read

What does Signa do?  Powerful Machines & Customer-focused Service.

"What does Signa do?"  Believe it or not, we get this question a lot, and here's the answer: On-Site Service, Workstations, Threadrippers, Laptops, & Gaming PCs.

  • On-site service :  Yes, we do "go that extra mile" for you.  Did you know that you can book an appointment via e-mail and have a qualified technician come right to your home or office to make repairs, fix problems, create backups, or even instruct you on how to use the latest tech?
  • Workstations :  Our main focus is building high-performance workstations — powerful PCs suited for intensive computational tasks like CAD, animation, rendering, 8K video editing, ArchViz, etc.  This is our passion, and as you can tell from our Google reviews, we love to do what we do. ☺
  • Laptops :  We offer a wide range of laptops for computing on-the-go... everything from standard consumer models right up to sleek and powerful mobile workstations.  Whether you're moving between home-and-office, or just between rooms to ward off work-from-home cabin fever, the laptop you need is here at Signa.
  • Gaming PCs :  Currently in the midst of a meteoric rise in popularity, PC gaming has literally taken the world by storm during the pandemic.  We've been building top-tier gaming rigs for 30 years, but we've never quite seen anything like the intense demand for gaming PCs that we're experiencing right now.
  • ThreadRippers :  Although technically also workstations, we tend to think of these particular behemoths as their own class of product.  Equipped with massively parallel processors with an insane number of processing cores, these PCs are adepts at "dividing and conquering" truly daunting computational tasks such as Machine Learning, CGI/Rendering, Simulation, etc.

That would be the "Coles Notes" version of what Signa does.  Our staff is composed of many specialists though, and we wear many hats among us, but those things listed above are our core focus.  Want to Learn more?  Drop us an e-mail, we'd love to chat! ☺


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