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September 23, 2019 1 min read

To be honest, no one has ever raved about how much they like their Rogers or Bell remote control, and there’s a reason - too many tiny buttons!
Imagine replacing your two or three or more remote controls with one simple, easy-to-use remote, that speaks in plain English to you when there’s a problem?  
What makes this remote so great is it’s activity-based, not device based.  Press “watch TV” button, and watch the magic happen. Click click click and your TV and box are on and you’re good to go! Press “Netflix” and your streaming movies...
If yout TV doesn’t come on, simply press the HELP button, And the remotes on screen help guides you through a simple yes or no to  make it work. How awesome is that?
Once you experience the magic of an Activity-based Logitech Harmony remote control, you will never go back to using all those remotes again. You put them all in a drawer for safekeeping and leave one single remote out on the table. Now that’s simplicity and that’s the way we like it!
Call or email us today to have a set up one of these great remotes for you! “A Universal Remote to control your Universe!” Sorry, that was the line out of the funny Adam Sandler/Christopher Walken movie, Click! 


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