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April 13, 2022 1 min read

This Testimonial Really Made Our Day! :)

We can’t be everything to everyone but we try really hard to do what we do well... and today this email from our client really made our day!  Thanks so much for posting this, Rodney — it always makes us happy to know that we made someone else happy! :)

"Hey there Chen, I’ve attached my BIOS Password request form, but also wanted to pass on my thanks to the Signa team.

After a bad experience ordering a computer from another company, the entire process with Signa was not only smooth, it exceeded expectations.

There was good communication throughout, and every promise was fulfilled.  The computer even arrived ahead of schedule - and I don’t mean in terms of shipping, which you can’t control, but in terms of being ready for delivery.

You've earned a return customer.

Please pass on my thanks to the team.


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