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March 19, 2022 1 min read

"Spring Forward" with a PC or Mac Upgrade...

We hope you’re doing well and are enjoying the taste of warm weather — surely a sign that spring is just ahead!

Now that things have settled, we’re doing a fair number of PC/Mac upgrades lately, and wanted run a few of them by you.

  1. Upgrade to 10 Windows 11 (hardware permitting), $199 plus tax
  2. Better Graphics Upgrade, RTX 3060 12GB Installed $899 plus tax
  3. Intel i7 processor, motherboard, memory, installed, $899 plus tax
  4. Intel i9 processor, motherboard, memory, installed, $1099 plus tax
  5. iMac 500% Speed Up, HDD-> SSD, $999 plus tax

SKU: 55321

All upgrades include trade-in of original parts and receive a free rush service with payment by e-transfer.

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