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March 17, 2020 2 min read

Social Distancing? 10 Fun Things To Do At Home

Things are looking pretty bleak outside, but now is the time to try your best to stay positive, stay healthy, and stay inside as much as you possibly can.

With so much time spent inside nowadays, it’s bound to seem a bit boring and redundant. Here are 10 things you can do inside (by yourself or with family/friends) to bring some fun and light to your day!

  1. Try a new recipe. Now’s the time to cook some new dishes to keep your body healthy and your tastebuds happy.
  2. Read that book that’s been sitting untouched on your side-table for the past 6 months
  3. Try a yoga class! There are tons of free options on youtube that will help you destress and get a workout in at the same time
  4. Treat ya’self to a self-care night. Decompress from these stressful times with a bath, face mask and some meditation. 
  5. Arrange an indoor picnic. Since going outside isn’t really an option for the near future, bring the OUTside INside by laying out a blanket and eating a meal picnic style while watching an old movie or your favourite Netflix show.
  6. Take an online class!You'll find hundreds of courses to suit your interests on learning platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Coursera.
  7. Call an old friend or family member. Just a quick call to see how a loved one is doing will make their day. 
  8. Shop online. This is literally the perfect excuse to do more online shopping. If you’re in the market for some new home or office tech, we have you covered! We have a wide variety of laptops, CAD workstations, and PC’s to fit every need.
  9. Spring cleaning. I know I know, this isn’t the most fun option but finishing up all that cleaning that you’ve been putting off is going to feel SO satisfying. And what’s better than spending your time in a clean home? 
  10. Make a date with a virtual museum! Many Museums may not be open to the public for an in-person visit, but why let that stop a good dose of culture and history when you can make a virtual visit? Between the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are plenty of opportunities to see and experience the magic that museums have to offer.

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