October 24, 2019 2 min read

Brick and mortar, online or both? How do you prefer to shop?

Some people love to put on their shoes, hop in their car, take a stroll downtown and be social while shop for their computer equipment. Others like to stay at home and shop for a computer while at their desk or on their couch. What do you prefer?

Let’s list some pros and cons.

Coming to our store not only gives you exercise and a social environment to interact, but you can get a lot more questions answered and information that you would if you weren’t face to face with anyone while choosing the right computer for yourself.

The downside of coming to the store is that it takes more time and you may need to find a parking spot. Usually though, finding a place to park isn’t really a problem.

We sell lots of computers online at signa.com - so what makes the online shopping experience better than an in store experience? It all boils down to convenience and time. It’s easy to hop on the computer, compare computers at your own pace and make a purchase, all while you’re eating breakfast or watching TV.

The downside of shopping online though is that, even though we have chat on our website, it takes more time to get your questions answered and you may not get anymore information aside from what’s on the product page.

If you do choose to shop online and would like to talk to someone, a simple email or telephone call can get all your questions sorted out and your order placed quickly and with confidence!

So what’s your preferred way of shopping? Online or in store? We’d love to hear from you, visit our facebook page and you can leave an answer to this question under our post.


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Clint Jackrabbit
Clint Jackrabbit

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