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July 25, 2022 1 min read

Some people just want a computer to check their email on. Some need a little extra power! To get school/office work done, attend Zoom meetings, write/compile code... you name it! We have the right machine for you on our website. We're sure!

When it comes to our entry level desktops, we offer different variants that are put together with certain activities in mind. For example, Home and Office, Gaming, Video Editing and CAD. Our entry level desktops range from $899-1499+ You can view some of them Here!

We have a selection of laptops in-stock as well. From the cheap, but reliable $799 Acer Aspire , to the middle-ground 455 G8 and 455 G9 HP Probooks, which can get mostly anything you'd like done. If you're looking for a very powerful, top notch laptop, look no farther than our Lenovo p15s!

Of course, we're able to take it up a notch for individuals who need more powerful computers for their work. We offer PCs that have high-end 12th Generation Intel Processors, alongside RTX Graphics cards, with more RAM. These machines of course, cost a little more than our entry-level computers. But of course, they're worth it! Check out our 'higher-end' PC selection here.

We also offer professional on-site service. All of our technicians are experienced, triple-vaxxed, and ready to help you! They're trained to solve your computer problems, but also are capable of installing high-end Ubiquity Wi-Fi around your home/office! Give us a call at 416-488-9208 or email help@signa.com , we'd love to help you!