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January 27, 2021 1 min read

Shopping Done For You 💻

"A big thanks to Signa Computers for my brand new 2021 MacBook Pro 13 inch, M1 with Apple Silicon. Upgrading from an 11" MacBook Air was definitely so far the best technology choice I've made in 2021. I'll definitely be using this for photoshop, social posts, Netflix and just about anything else I can think of!"  - @_nickygapo


We at Signa care about our customers and their satisfaction first! Whether it be curb-side pick up to prioritise your safety, in-house service calls and providing you with the technology you need, we have your back! And we always will.

If you're uncomfortable with crowds due to this pandemic, you can also send us to the Apple Store so you can get your hands on the latest tech and avoid the shopping frenzy. If you know what you want, we'll go to the Apple store and help pick out the right item for you. 

For more info, click the link below 


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